First Year Baby Photography

Nicholas photographs all the first year babies and focuses on the enduring expressions and the little changes that take place over the first year, the smiles and frowns and priceless expressions.

You can choose a single session at anytime during the first year, although after 16 weeks is usually the best time to start once your baby has some neck strength to hold their head up. Alternatively 'My First Year' is an amazing collection of three studio sessions over the first year of your child's life and capture all the changes over this period creating a priceless set of photographs that you will cherisk forever.

The first session captures the super cute baby stage when your little one will be starting to smile (and frown). The second stage at 8 months  is the sitting session so we add a little more variation with seated poses and a few outfits. The final session at around a year is the standing session which can be tricky if they are walking but is always fun again you can bring a few outfits and props if you wish.

Included in the My First Year package is a three image desktop folio with one photograph from each session and all three sessions plus folio is only £29.99!